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Rotec operates and is committed to a Total Quality Management System. With a dedicated Quality department, regular meetings and statistical analysis of our service, we strive to maintain dedication to quality.  As part of the Quality Management System Rotec has and is fully complaint with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation which is applicable to Precision CNC components produced by turning, milling and drilling in ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic based material.

We are committed to ensuring that all parts are of the highest quality which meets and exceed customer requirements

Our parts are quality tested and inspected by our highly trained Quality department using the latest testing equipment through the manufacturing process to ensure all parts meet not only the customers but also our high standards.

We always welcome customer feedback and suggestions as this enables us to continually improve our internal processes, services and quality. Click here to email us your feed back or if you would like further information on our Quality Management System and testing capabilities.

Automotive industry is a major part of our portfolio, we regularly evaluate and work towards the automotive standards

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